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Attendance Policy

The Revere Middle School day is from 7:30AM - 2:37PM.

In an effort to aid parents in regards to daily attendance and dismissal procedures, please note the following guidelines from the RMS
attendance office. Please direct all calls relating to attendance to the RMS Attendance Line at 330-523-3404. Please leave a message if we are not able to answer the phone immediately.

If your child is feeling sick and intends to remain home for the day, a parent/guardian should call in a sick day to the RMS attendance line at 330-523-3404. If a call is not received, an automated call will go home to confirm the absence. This same procedure should be followed if your child has an appointment that would cause them to miss attending the regular scheduled start of the school day. If your child misses 3 or more consecutive days due to illness, it is strongly recommended that your student returns medical documentation clearing their return to classes.
It is always encouraged to provide medical notes from the provider for any absence, when available. Medical notes from providers are coded differently in the system and do not count toward the excessive absence calculation.

If your child has a previously scheduled appointment that requires dismissal during the school day, please send in a signed and dated note. Have your student bring this note directly to the attendance office at the beginning of the day, and they will be issued an early dismissal pass
that will allow them to leave class at the appropriate time to get to the main office. Students must leave the building through the main office. Parents are required to come in and sign out their student on the sign out sheet in the vestibule.

If an appointment is scheduled after your student has left for school, please give a quick call to the attendance line at 330-523-3404 that includes the student’s name, grade level, reason, dismissal time, and the above departure procedures will apply.

If arriving late, a parent/guardian must sign the student in. The only exception to the above mentioned, is if the student possesses a medical note, they can sign themselves in. Students should always, regardless of the reason, stop at the office to get a pass to return to class. Please
be aware that four unexcused tardies in a quarter will result in an after school detention.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support in our efforts to minimize disruptions and keep our building safe and secure for all. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office with any questions or concerns.